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in Wuhan?? Thursday before starting treating patients there immediately. So far, the armed forces have disp??atched healthcare professionalsy

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in three batches, totaling 4,000, to support Wuhan in the fight a??gainst the COVID-19 outbreak.BEIJING, Dec. 26 -- A Chinese military spokesperson Thursday urged t??he United States not to implement the China-related negative clause??s in a newly signed act. Resp3

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onding to a question related to the si??gning of the National Defense Authorization Act for F7


iscal Year 202??0, which contains negative elements regarding China's Taiwan, Hong ??Kon9


g and Xinjiang, Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Nati??onal Defense, said the ChK


inese armed forces firmly oppose the move.?? Speaking at a press conference, Wu said the4


China-related clauses ??reflect a Cold War mentality, which will also play up China-U.S. co5

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??mpetition and sensationalize the so-called "China military threat."?? Those negative clauses f

grossly interfere in China's internal affai??rs, undermine the development of China-U.S. military relations, and??6

cal and nursiQng professionaW