We Will Open The Worldevent to compete withF
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times arou??nd a 4.3-kilometer circular track that has 120 obstacles. They also need to shoot the gun m??ounted on the vehc

icle and hit eight targets. The contest tests the preparedness, spirit an??d skills of contestants as well as the capabilities of their equipment, he said. The Inter??national Army Games were co-organized by China, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ar??menia and Iran this year. China has taken part in the games for five years, and hosted some?? of the contests last year. By ZHANG YANGFEI/ZHAO LEIBeijing will take further action to safeguard nation??al sovereignty and territorial integrity if Taiwan ??separatists conx

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tinue to carry out secession activit??ies, a senior mainland official warned on Wednesday?? in Beijing fo8

llowing recent military drills in the?? Taiwan Straits. Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the S??tate Council Taiwan Affairs Office, spoke in respon??se to a question during a news conference about whe??ther "military force for reunification" should be e??mployed. "The reg



s, but we?? have the resolve, the confidence and the ability t??o defeat secessionist attempts E

in any form, to safe??guard national sovereignty and territorial integrit??y," Ma said. Last week, the PLA Grouc

nfantry fightling vehicle 126
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